A ‘Rule of Life’ for these strange times?

Could creating or living by a Rule of Life be good for you in this extraordinary time? I am part of a religious order (the Methodist Diaconal Order, MDO) and of the many things that means, it means we have a ‘Rule of life’. That may sound a bit harsh or restrictive, mainly because of […]

‘Love in the time of Covid-19’?

The title of ‘Love in the time of Cholera’ has got me thinking this week. Sadly I haven’t read the book, it’s just the title that has reverberated round my mind and heart this week. In the midst of Coronavirus and the massive impact on our society, what is ‘Love in the time of Covid-19’? […]

Gendered words for God

In the Mongolian language, ‘Tir’ means ‘she’ or ‘he’ (but not ‘it’) – so in worship, and in referring to God, it is more inclusive because ‘tir’ means ‘he or she’ so is effectively, ‘gendered person’. In English not so. Until about twenty years ago, I was quite happy with ‘he’, ‘Father’, ‘Lord’, ‘Master’ when […]

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